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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love Advise


 If I could give everyone ONE PIECE OF LOVE ADVISE,
it would be once you FIND the one
you've spent your WHOLE LIFETIME searching for,
don't give them up without a fight.
NEVER let them just walk right out of your life.
Whatever you do, don't ever let them GO.
HOLD onto them with all that you've got,
because you have NO guarantee that they'll be back.
So, don't make the MISTAKE I have made.
Don't just watch them LEAVE.
It could be the LAST you ever see them.
Don't look back on it and REGRET not saying the words you needed to say,
or DOING the things you needed to do.
Because that feeling of regret will NEVER LEAVE you.

Never Regret.

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