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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's play "10 things" - Day One

Since Ezzah Alias ask me to play it, 
i just follow or else, 
she may not want to be friend to me.hahahaha
she said you have to play this for 10 days.
Let see what i can do.


  • My full name is MOHAMAD ILHAM BIN BANI.
  • I'm the elder in my sibling.
  • I love SUDOKU..huhuuu

  • Currently study at UiTM Jengke, Pahang in Civil Engineering,  EC110.
  • I still single.UHUHUHUH
  • I have best friend, Asas Syahmi and Andhar Musa, my counselor, Ezzah Alias (hahahaha), 3 fake sisters, Shahira ZahariSyahida Abd Aziz and Nur Ain them all..
  • Currently i have three cheap phone, but two number only.
  • I always said something without thinking first..always make people beside me sick with me..sorry for that bad attitude..
  • I always love to hear people talk about the life and problem, i can gain something from that.
  • I love to drive fast..huhuhu



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